Testimonials for Yoga vacations

View from the jungle to the Pacific Ocean in sunlight

Dear Doris
thank you very much for the wonderful week in this quiet environment and your great house. We enjoyed the absolute silence and your great yoga program, meditations and massages very much.
I have rarely recovered so well as here in this nature, where only crickets and birds can be heard.
Thanks again for everything.

Manuela and Thomas


The stay here in this paradise was simply magical, deeply touching and inspiring. This place radiates a very special energy, and your yoga practice and the wonderful exercises support you to engage with it with all your heart.
This week has brought me back to myself and connected me with the primal forces of nature. I feel so much vitality in me and I see my path more clearly now...
I thank you with all my heart for this experience... a big hug...



A week in beautiful Portasol
In January 2018 I travelled to Costa Rica, to clear my head and find more tranquillity and distance to deal with changes in my personal life. I decided to stay for one week in the rainforest of Portasol combined with a 4-day individual retreat with Doris.
Getting there by public bus from San José was easy. I had a very warm welcome and I felt immediately comfortable in the bungalow as well as outside in the forest. People were very friendly, breakfast and dinner were delicious.
Although January is supposed to be dry season, there were periods of rain every day. I enjoyed the change between rain and sunshine as it produced a special atmosphere. The sounds in the forest, the gurgling of the river and being in the midst of so much pulsating life impressed me very much. Also worth mentioning is the refreshing bath I took in the river at the waterfall. While hiking in the rainforest, I was fortunate to see animals like monkeys, racoons, hummingbirds and beautiful butterflies.
The retreat with Doris was very rewarding. Her cordial way and her broad experience with treatments on the physical, the emotional and the mental level make her a great coach. Being a yoga beginner I learned helpful exercises for my back (office job). I was able to deepen my meditation experience and I enjoyed classical and singing bowl massages. All of these I experienced being immersed in beautiful surroundings. Doris developed a yoga plan for me, which I took with me on my further travels to continue the positive effects.
Doris is a very nice and helpful person and adjusted the retreat programme to my needs. Furthermore she gave me a tour of the points of interest in Portalsol and also helped me with shopping. Moreover, she gave me a ride to a close by beach town and a yoga lesson at the beach.
I enjoyed the time in Portasol very much and can highly recommend the location as well as the retreat with Doris.
Thank you, Doris!
Pura vida.



Holidays in paradise
This is my paradise:
Waking up in the morning in the rainforest, listen to the river nearby and all the animals that live in the rainforest. There, before the yoga session go swimming or maybe afterwards?
Looking forward to seeing Doris, who makes 1½ - 2 hours of yoga with us. Yoga, which is fully adapted to us. Where do I have problems, what would I like to train? What am I doing? Doris talks about God and the world, which burns on the soul, one wants to share. She has an open ear for everything and always brings delicious ginger water. I miss this !!!
Walking through the rainforest and the river to the most beautiful places, swim there and you can forget about your worries and just relax.
Enjoy, open your eyes and just see. Toucans, colored dragonflies, butterflies blue and as big as my hand. All the many animals you can only meet in a zoo, in freedom … that is paradise.
Then maybe go to the beautiful beach and in the afternoon with Doris make yoga there and then see this unique sunset. You won't believe it, it is so beautiful here, so beautiful is the world.
People who are smiling at you, hardworking and friendly and the good Costa Rica cuisine. You do not feel alienated, you feel at home. I want to return, because that was my paradise.

Thanks a lot Doris, thank you very much Team Portasol J.

Photo from the sea on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

"For everyone who loves solitude, something special and individuality this is a must!
Far away from the tourist bustle in the middle of the pure nature, between cooling waterfalls, curious monkeys and deafening chirping of the crickets.
The location of Portasol are made for a real break.
The gentle yoga classes and the incredibly relaxing massages by Doris let you forget the outside world. You can feel the personal and professional service, the years of experience Doris has.
The value for money is unbeatable.
There is probably no better place than this yoga retreat."

B.B. from Cologne, Germany, 2016


"The angels sent me into Paradise. The nature here is enormous. Meditating in nature has touched me deeply. Far away from mass tourism this pure nature is a real treat.
The sensitive way of designing the program in yoga was good and salutary. I thank you also very much for your hospitality."

Anita 2015


"Happiness is a Yoga Retreat with Doris in the rainforest of Portasol."

Anna 2015


"My time spent in Costa Rica was splended. I will never forget that amazing week in the Jungle. The week has really done we well. Specifically the nature, it was so very overwhelming and not to mention the Yoga, which was very calming and peaceful and just right. I have learnt a lot in my time there and it helped me to move forward."



Although I had previously told everyone that I would "plunge" into my vacation, I did not think that I could actually do so. During this retreat with Doris I could relax more deeply than ever before. Today I leave Portasol with a "wrap-around well-being".



"I have gained so much experience in this Retreat which is already helping me through my life and to have a different perspective on life. It also gave me this feeling of clarity and awereness."



"In our wonderful time spent in this Retreat we felt so magical like even the sparkly heavenly butterflies, instead of flying, were floating slowly on thin air, just for us. So we could watch them. Be amazed by them. Fall in love with them. For every flutter of the wing, again and again. "



"In my time here I have come to my own closure with the nature and I have rooted myself in me more than I ever could before. The nature was like a guide to me, nurturing me. Supporting me every step of the way. The days spent with Doris in Portasol were very nourishing and cleansing for me."


Photo from the beach with a red sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

"Through this one week yoga retreat directly in the tropical rain forest, I feel blessed and gifted in many ways: I had six very intense days in which I have learned to know and experienced me in direct contact with nature at different levels. To experience the power of nature in the tropical rain forest so directly, had been overwhelming for me and the dancing and drama therapeutic methods presented an ideal complement to the experience of nature: It was very impressive to see how I can get to the point with little interventions, and which can be done more directly than through words. For me, this access through body and dance felt lighter than the cognitive / analytical. Thereby Doris was a to me was an example for me in many ways been - as a woman, as a therapist, and above all I experienced her in her humanity as authentic and it motivated me is to live my own life and to let live others in her own way. The combination of yoga, meditation with its spiritual dimension, knowledge transfer, drama and dance therapy in the rain forest was convincing for me and I experienced the week as a very lively and true. Overall, the experiences in the jungle at Doris have awaken the desire for more sense of being close to nature, body work and dance and on coming back to this wonderful place.
Many thanks to you, Doris, and to the entire team of Portasol! "

Kerstin B.

Photo of a flower in the rain forest.

Yoga and Nature
"After a two weeks tour through Costa Rica, we participated in a one week seminar with Doris Müller-Weith in Portasol - and we are so happy about this decision! It was really the highlight of the our beautiful days in Costa Rica! Only to mention the lodging and the environment in Portasol which is an ecological, protected and sustainable community in a vast area of rainforest. We walked along the river, refreshed ourselves in the natural pool of the waterfall, watching birds, listening to the cicadas or took a bath in the Pacific Ocean, just 3 km away with these incredible sunsets… Doris gave us lots of tips and ideas. The yoga program was very well prepared to fit both individually, for me (as an absolute beginner with strong reservations) as well as for my partner (a yoga fan for years). The Combination of the powerful and intense green of the vegetation, the clear air and fresh water from the river and sea on the one hand and on the other hand, the experience of one's own personality have made me (us) really happy. PS. Utmost praise for the wonderful food that we the cooks prepared."

Susanne and Partner


"Dear Doris,
once again I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the time with you. I felt completely comfortable from the start. Your gift of time, your sharing of this beautiful places and all your knowledge has made me very happy. You are wonderful!!
THANKYOUmerciDankeGracias …
THANKS for you … "

Ch. Schmid, April 2012, Costa Rica

Photo of the massage table in green rainforest.

"When I was a week in this paradise, I felt slowly that I came to myself, my breathing was deep, my mood up and stable, it felt as if my heart, my soul, from a deep diving place resurface and thaw from its congealment. The things and plants appeared again more shiny, and sometimes flashed out of my depth a sudden feeling of happiness. I felt better than usual after 3 weeks of vacation. "

Peter C.

"I like to think back to this relaxed yoga week with Doris. On the yoga space with a wonderful view into the jungle Doris led us very empathetic through our yoga practice. The chirping of cicadas and the splashing of the waterfall let me get deep into the meditation. The river walks were marvelous, with a refreshing swim at the waterfall, sunbathing on the nearby quiet beach and the wonderful massage with singing bowls and hot stones by Doris. Another highlight was the super delicious healthy food prepared by the cooks, even tuned to our blood types. During this week I could connect with nature, purify myself, release and recharge a lot of power! Thank you Doris, it was wonderful!. "

D. Dietiker


"In February 2011 I spent a week in Portasol. I went there as Doris Müller-Weith was holding a yoga-retreat. So, I had the opportunity to enjoy it all; a week of utter relaxation with yoga, good food and good company, all embedded in Portasol`s wilderness and its breathtaking natural surroundings.
We would start the days pleasantly at seven with two hours of gentle yoga, qi gong, meditation and singing.
Yoga would usually be followed by a hearty and fresh breakfast prepared for us by the ladies at Portasol`s villa, as were lunches.
Thus fortified, we were ready for further adventures that brought us into Portasols stunning surroundings. Once we hiked up the river to the waterfall, where we swam, and felt the sun`s warmth on our skin and watched the dance of the butterflies and the honeysuckers. It was like being immersed in a magic kingdom.
Once we drove down to Matapalo beach, only 3 – 4 km away, and spent the afternoons at the endless and almost deserted beach, watching the waves rolling in and drinking fresh coconut milk.
And then the week was already over and I had to get ready to go on the long journey home. I felt that one week in paradise is definitely not enough. However, I felt both relaxed and invigorated like I hadn`t felt in a long time and ready again to face everyday`s challenges. What is more, I took with me the experience of the meaning of "Pura Vida". Life was good, at the yoga-retreat in Portasol."



"I was two times in quick succession in Portasol in a retreat with Doris. It has helped me a lot: everything was already familiar, I felt quickly at ease and at home, so I was able to open up more. The activities within the drama therapeutic settings were very important for me: it helped me to look at myself from a different perspective and to feel recognized by the views and feedback of others. I was also grateful for the flexibility of the management and in the program, thus never was the feeling that I have to. It was very enjoyable. I got also ideas for my own work and experienced many new and creative approaches. I came closer to my own nature, and I have rooted myself in myself: the nature outside was like a guide to the nature within me. Nature was as a matter of course, she has sustained and supported me. I had wonderful nourishing days wish Doris in Portasol."

Kati Ludwig

Sunset on the beach in Costa Rica over the Pacific Ocean.

"I deeply thank you for the enriching and profound break, I was able to experience in your retreat in Costa Rica.
I arrived with an urgent need for rest, relaxation and pure, vivid nature and I can say now that I've refueled enough of all this.
The daily morning yoga and meditation in the jungle have done incredibly well to my body and my soul. I could fully entrust myself to your instructions, which is not natural for me. Your lessons were always lovingly prepared and tailored to my needs.
Overall, I felt totally cared for and protected. Let it be due to the daily ginger tea before yoga, the vegetable soup of roots in the evening, or even by many very practical things. I found the guided activities most exciting such as the river walk and the subsequent freshening in the "Nymph Basin," the jungle trek followed by meditation, or even the whole body mask by healing earth soaked in ants saliva.
My soft, very tender and vulnerable side was able to show up here, and fill up pure energy by the overwhelming nature and the balance of rest, exercises for body and mind and stimulating excursions.
In addition, you have all my admiration for your courage, to live openly, no windows and doors, in the jungle and thus to fulfill your dream.
With all my heart I want to thank you for this very special time. I can only highly recommend it. "

Michaela Riedl




  • Photo of 2 people at yoga exercises in yoga retreat at Doris Müller-Weith
  • In the individual retreat with the meditation in the house in the middle of the jungle
    Personal retreat
  • Doris treating with singing bowls as a relaxing massage on the terrace of her house