Retreats 'In Harmony With Nature'

Retreats in Costa Rica with Yoga, Meditation and relaxation.

Photo of 2 women in the practice of yoga in the park in Portasol.

Breathing is the key …. The connection to the life forces the door …

This five day retreat in Costa Rica, Central America has several purposes: You can relax, explore your senses, find inner and outer peace and also get closer to nature.

A balanced program of yoga, meditation, massage, dance, work with chakras and more in our wonderfull wild green rainforest.

Based in the Southern Ranforest of Costa Rica, our place in Portasol is excellent and just right-for everyone who likes nature. The Pacific Ocean with its miles of palm fringed beaches is just 4 km away from the retreat.

Testimonial: "The angels sent me into paradise. The nature here is enormous. Meditating in nature has touched me deeply." … read more

Special retreat

Photo of beautiful sunset at the Pacific coast with empty beach

"Reflection and renewal"

Date:    01 - 06 Feb. 2021

Individual guests or 2 couples


 5 days/5 nights   per person
Retreat:400 € / $ 450
Accommodation ("Hoja Verde" 2):310 € / $ 350
Board:100 € / $ 110
total:810 € / $ 910


2) Accommodation in Casita hoja Verde. more Information …

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Retreat overview:

Photo of the waterfall with a pool for swimming.

This five day retreat has several purposes such as relaxation, coming to self understanding, get closer to nature and finding your inner and outer peace.

The "In Harmony With Nature" Retreat is held in Portasol; Your journey begins at noon with the check in and a guide.

The first yoga class takes place on the first day in the afternoon and this is where it all begins: with a balanced program of yoga, meditation, dance, sensibilisation for the chakras and other things in the wonderfully green, wild rain forest in the bosom of nature.

This is a fifth day (4 nights) retreat with half board. Yoga and meditation experiences are desirable but not required.

The retreat ends on the sixth day at noon. You will continue your trip on your own, perhaps to nearby Manuel Antonio National Park, or further south to Corcovado National Park or 3 days relax in Drake Bay …

The Program:

Photo of the massage table in green rainforest.

We usually start at 7.30 in the morning with a cup of ginger tea on the yoga mat followed by a two hour session including asanas, pranayama, meditation plus final relaxation with or without sound bowls.
All of above happen in a ten minute walk distance from the bungalows, through a cleard path in the forest of Cazuelapark. There is a nice pavillon nearby a waterfall and sometimes you can see large exotic blue butterflies or toucans. (If you are not used to functioning with empty stomac, we recommend half a banana also called the fruit of yoga).

Shortly afte 9.30 am a well deserved, hearty breakfast takes place near the Bungalows. The time after breakfast is usually yours to spend as you wish, except on day two or three, where we take a river walk to experience the jungle from a different perspective. This ends with refreshing dip in the waterfall pool. In the the mornings or early afternoons you can also enjoy our relaxing massages, with oil and hot stones, finishing with the healing vibrations of sounds of singing bowls on your body.

In the afternoon we meet again at 3pm for another one and a half-two hour session; this can vary from yoga and meditation, nature experience, moving meditation or dancing…
One afternoon we practice yoga and qi gong at the beach and one evening we may go out for dinner together.

Meditation on the upper terrace of the house. Photo: © Thomas Räse

At 17:30 the delicious dinner is served, all Ticostile (costarican). Please let us know in advance if you have any incompatibilities or if you are eating vegetarian food.

The evening is free, so you can spend as you wish but majority of people like to go to bed early which is welcomed as part of the program.

On day seven of your stay, the retreat closes at noon. After that you can continue your journey on your own. It will give you the chance to visit one of the nearby parks; Manuel Antonio National Park or, further down south Corcovado National Park. Or you enjoy a 7. night at Portasol as a gift for free including breakfast!!!




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Foto 'Meditation': © Thomas Räse

Accommodation in Portasol

Simple only vacation

You just want to take a vacation, enjoy the day and nature? Anytime possible ...
And if you feel like having a yoga lesson or a massage, this is also possible in the period from January 20th to March 20th.

Casita "Hoja Verde"

Front view with terrace of Casita "Hoja Verde" right and left with the two entrances to the bedrooms and in the middle the door to the kitchen, for holiday rental Front view with terrace of Casita "Hoja Verde" right and left with the two entrances to the bedrooms and in the middle the door to the kitchen, for holiday rental

Vacation in new House

This newly built guesthouse consists of 2 rooms, each with its own bathroom and a shared kitchen. Air conditioning, fan and mosquito nets at the windows ensure a quiet night.
The terrace leads almost seamlessly into a flower garden in the middle of the forest … where tables and benches and comfortable wooden loungers are available … an external shower provides for cooling.

A perfect place for bird watching and shooting stars, surprises in the middle of nature, only accompanied by the gentle rush of the river … more …


Photo from a room of a bungalow for holiday rental in Portasol, Costa Rica Photo from a sleeping room of a bungalow for holiday rental in Portasol, Costa Rica
Costa Rica Rainforest Bungalows

Costa Rica Rainforest Vacation Rental bungalows are tucked into the rainforest on high stilts – in jungle tree house style, with artisan roofs and decorative verandas surrounding the outside deck, creating a wonderful space for joyful relaxation. The bungalows overlook the Portalón River below – its melodious bubbling adding to nature’s music in the rainforest. A short trail down to the river leads you to your own natural wading pools.

Each room offers: two queen size beds, panoramic windows overlooking the rainforest and river, double shower with hot water, hair dryer, walk-in closet, fans, desk, satellite TV, fully equipped kitchenette with mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, sink & dishes. Costa Rican breakfast.


  • Photo of the cozy veranda with dinette of a holiday bungalow
  • Swimming pool for recreation on the sun terrace
  • Holidaybungalow in the rainforest on the Pacific coast