Welcome to the pacific rainforest!

Photo of the river in the jungle of Costa Rica on the Pacific coast


… welcome to our Yoga Retreat

"If I walk into emptiness on time, I come out of it replenished. If I am in touch with Nothing, I soon know why I am here again …"
(B. Brecht)

Have a nice stay on my website …
enjoy our yoga retreat
in the lush-green jungle of Costa Rica!

Two women in yoga exercises in the park surrounded by the jungle of Costa Rica


Retreats in Costa Rica with Yoga, Meditation and relaxation.

The breath is the key …. The connection to the life force itself is the door …

This 65 day retreat in Costa Rica, Central America has several purposes: You can relax and come to your senses, find you inner and outer peace and also get closure with the nature.

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Singing bowl massage on the open terrace in the Doris house in the woods


Personal retreat

Experience nature with every cell of your body. Come back into the stream, reconnect with the natural rhythms of life. Discover your own inner nature, listen to the heart of things, arrive, enjoy one's own existence. Be still as a tree or a stone … be like the river, the sea, the wind in the trees … quiet as a lizard and loud like a howler monkey moves …

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Picture of the house in the rainforest with large terrace to relax


Houses and rooms for rent

  Casita "Hoja Verde"

  House Kolibri is a wonderful place …

… for a personal retreat: life in touch with nature, immersing into the life of the forest
… meditate amidst the abundant green splendor.

On request, breakfast can be booked in the main building.

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Dear Doris
thank you very much for the wonderful week in this quiet environment and your great house. We enjoyed the absolute silence and your great yoga program, meditations and massages very much.

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The stay here in this paradise was simply magical, deeply touching and inspiring. This place radiates a very special energy, and your yoga practice and the wonderful exercises support you to engage with it with all your heart. …

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Through this one week yoga retreat directly in the tropical rain forest, I feel blessed and gifted in many ways: I had six very intense days in which I have learned to know and experienced me in direct contact with nature at different levels. …

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Picture of the rainforest: Location description of Portasol Portasol in Costa Rica


Portasol is approx. 30 km south of Quepos and 20 km north of Dominical on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and near Portalón. Being only 3 km to the next beach …
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Picture of a sunset at the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica: About me Doris Müller-Weith Doris Müller-Weith

Instructor info

Training with Iris Vollkammer: Energy Yoga according to Krishnamacharya Yoga and Viniyoga and then with Remo Rittiner: Ayur·Yoga derived from Krishnamacharya and Mohan …
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Picture of a flower in the rainforest as symbol for meditation, Qi Gong and Yoga Yoga


It’s not important to have a flexible and pliable body, it is only important that you practice according to the ability of your body. With regular practice, you can even do much …
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