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As mentioned elsewhere, I have practiced various types of meditation to find the best for myself.
Starting with Osho's meditations … Dynamic, Kundalini, Nada brahma, Nataraj and Latihan, Vipassana, Sufi Meditation, Tibetan Buddhistic practice, mindfulness meditation.

What is the gaol of meditation:

There is now sufficient good scientific research regarding meditation that shows meditation alters the brain waves and influences the whole autonomic nervous system. 
The effect on the soul, mind and body is seen as positive. Therefore people who meditate feel less stressed-out, they feel happier, more willing to live life and to accept fluctuations and they feel more in balance. They connect with their soul and their inner self.

In this week with you we will …

  1. Find out how you can best access meditation (this depends on temperament and your preferred perception channel).
  2. Deepen your practice of meditation so that it will be a useful building block for you: an oasis in the raging sea of Samsara, normal but crazy everyday stress
  3. Help you to continue with your yoga practice when you go home
  4. Help you develop a positive mode of being


I refer in my work among others to the meditation manual by J. Kabat-Zinn.
"Health Through Meditation"


Qi Gong / Chi kung

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"Qi Gong/Chi kung is a Chinese meditation, and form of movement for the cultivation of body and spirit"
(Wikipedia 2010)

There are as many different forms of Qi Gong/Chi kung as there are masters.
I don't belong to one specific school, but learnt it through various Qi Gong/Chi kung trainers
All the exercises are aimed at,
 wakening life-energy, and building, regulating and harmonizing the body,
 Promoting flexibility of movement
 Improving breathing and connecting with the movement
 Promoting bodily awareness and energy
 Moving gently into entering the movement

You can use it on its own or as an introduction to the practice of yoga or meditation.


About the Yoga we practice

Yoga is more than physical education
Everyone can do yoga
Yoga need not be complicated

Photo of the parque of Portasol in the rainforest also for Yoga exercises

It’s not important to have a flexible and pliable body, it is only important that you practice according to the ability of your body. With regular practice, you can even do much to find your balance and centre, thus becoming happier and stronger. You become stronger and better and breathe more deeply and are able to live a healthier life.
The breathing practices (pranayama and directed breathing) help to connect body and mind.

In developing yoga practice, whether for groups or individually, I vary the class depending on (amongst other things, your ayurvedic model, the season, climate and time of day and your own abilities.

I orient myself on the basics of Hatha Yoga, build up slowly in small steps and processes with seamless transitions, as often described in Viniyoga. Sometimes flowing sequences arise, the so-called Viniyasa, which may then become yoga dance.

Yoga is a way to attain more awareness in body, mind and spirit
Yoga unites the body, mind and spirit
Yoga is a way to feel more comfortable and at home in your own body
Yoga is a way to get into a meditative state
Yoga is a path towards more concentration, contemplation and relaxation
Yoga is one more way to find yourself
Yoga is a path

Previous experience is helpful but not necessary


Activities in Portasol

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