General ABC to your stay in Costa Rica

Photo of a small bridge in the rainforest in Costa Rica

C as in car: If you want a car for the whole time it's worth booking it from home via the Internet.
In Portasol there are several car rentals for the daytime rental price of around US$ 50,- per day. A 4x4 is necessary in most cases.
It is best to ask Uvita Information Centre for the Uvita area. For Portasol it is best to ask ADOBE Rent a Car from Quepos, ask for Pablo and refer to Portasol. Tel: 00506 2777 4242.

C as in climate: and clothing: the top of the Central Valley it is cool, but think to bring a sweater and rain jacket. Down by the sea is humid, tropical and warm, bathing suits and shorts.

H as in headlamp: without street lights it is quite dark at night so a headlamp is a very useful thing, a normal flash-light is OK too.

M as in money: in the large banks in the capital, Alajuela, Quepos, even Uvita you can now exchange Euros directly into colones (local currency). Certainly Dollars to Colones or Euros to Dollars.
ATMs are available in these banks too.

Photo of the red butterfly on the wall in the jungle.

M is for mosquitos: There are mosquitos but not too many and no malaria but in the north, Guanacaste some dengue fever cases.
So, please bring natural mosquito stuff. In Costa Rica it is not always possible to get the citronella-based spray.

S as in soap: and shampoo etc. For the sake of the environment, please bring easily biodegradable products.

S as for sun protection: I recommend a high protection filter for all times but especially in the period from February to April.

S as in snake: snakes in Costa Rica are more dangerous for frogs and other small animals and are not much of a problem, but still you need to take care, just in case.

Photo of Yoga Asana with Doris on the terrace in the fresh air in the rainforest.

T as for telephone: if you can't use Skype, phone cards which you can buy locally are the best.

T as in theft: leave nothing of value in a parked car! When travelling by coach keep the coach luggage door in view when people get out, making sure they don't take your suitcase as well as their own. Otherwise, security measures are like everywhere else.

Y as in yoga: bring a good yoga mat, if possible. I'll buy if off you after the course if necessary.

Photo of a mountainside with rainforest near Portasol


Activities in Portasol

Portasol and it's surround offers a lot of tours you can make:

  • hiking
    Hiking Tour
  • paddle
    Paddle Board Tour
  • bicycle
    Bicycle Tour
  • rafting
    Rafting Tour
  • riding
    Horseback Riding