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Photo of Doris Müller-Weith, Therapist and instructor

Born in Switzerland in 1952, Doris grew up there. She spent the first years of her early adult life with theatre, mime and yoga. Theatre and Drama led to Gestalt therapy and her completing the 4 year training as a Gestalt therapist. Parallel to this, she attained a great deal of experience in bio-energetics and respiratory therapy and other body therapies, both in their practical and theoretical form. She ran a practice for Gestalt therapy and theatre in Bremen for 15 years.

For many years then she worked as a lecturer, trainer and supervisor in various types of schools and colleges, in drama and drama-therapy and "CoreDynamik".
Since 2000 she has deepened her personal experience in yoga and meditation practice.

Other developments followed:

Training with Iris Vollkammer: Energy Yoga according to Krishnamacharya Yoga and Viniyoga
then with Remo Rittiner: Ayur·Yoga derived from Krishnamacharya and Mohan

She also worked for a couple of years in CASA El Morisco, Andalusia, to which she is still closely connected.

In the areas of Osho meditation, Vipassana and Tibetan meditation, she has developed her own simple and basic form of meditation: based on J. Kabat-Zinn It is a simple and intelligent form of meditation free from all religions.

Over her many years of working with people she has has learnt and developed various massage techniques. For example:

  • Shin Jin do: An acupressure technique, based on the Chinese meridian theory
  • Lomi lomi: A Hawaiian massage technique.
  • Classic massage: Basic massage techniques used in spas.
  • Reflexology
  • Sound massage: Sound bowls placed on the body evoking deep, heeling relaxation.
  • Hot Volcanic Stones: Laying on hot volcanic stones and massage has an immensely relaxing effect.

The result of these is her own special style of massage treatment.

As she says "Since 2006 I have often travelled to Costa Rica. Each time I feel more and more that my life is tied to this country and that this is where I want to commit my existence in the midst of nature and the simplicity of life, doing something good for nature and helping to preserve the forest. Thus I found Portasol!

I look forward to meeting you in Portasol, practising Qi Gong, yoga, meditation and walking along the river!"




  • Photo of 2 people at yoga exercises in yoga retreat at Doris Müller-Weith
  • In the individual retreat with the meditation in the house in the middle of the jungle
    Personal retreat
  • Doris treating with singing bowls as a relaxing massage on the terrace of her house


Picture of the house in the rainforest with large terrace to relax

Retiro Personal en Casa 'Colibrí'

House Kolibri is a wonderful place …
… for a personal retreat: life in touch with nature, immersing into the life of the forest …
meditate amidst the abundant green splendor.

On request, breakfast and dinner can be booked in the main building. Food can also be delivered to the house on additional charge.
You may escape totally from everyday life.

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